Official Notary Public

Onsite/Mobile Public Notary

The Carin Group, LLC offers on-site and mobile notary service. Let us assist you with the finishing touches of your legal document signing.

Set up an appointment to have a notary professional sent out to your home or business location for notarization of your document(s).

If you request, after the Signing has been completed, the executed document(s) will be taken back to our office, scanned and emailed to your desired 3rd party (with password protection for security purposes).


Q: What is a Notary Public?
A Notary Public is an official of integrity appointed by state government —typically by the secretary of state — to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents.

Q: Why would I need a document notarized?
The purpose of having a document notarized is to prevent fraud or identity theft.

Q: Who needs a Notary Public?
Families, businesses, real estate, solo attorneys and law firms, etc.

Q: What kinds of documents need to be notarized?

  • Contracts
  • Legal Documents
  • Real Estate Documents
  • School Permission Slips
  • Medical Release Forms
  • Car Title Transfers
  • Power of Attorney

Q: What do I need in order to get something notarized?
When you get your document notarized, you must provide proof of identification or ID. A driver’s license or passport is two commonly used forms of ID. The notary will review your ID to make sure you are who you claim to be.