Process Server

Process Server

The Carin Group’s principal job is to deliver or “serve” legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case. After serving any legal documents, process servers have to deliver actual evidence that the legal papers were served. The verification that is offered is referred to as an affidavit of service or proof of service, which must be notarized and given to the individual or company who required the papers to be served. However process serving laws differ by state, so each individual process server may have a distinctive way of carrying out service. Our process servers are legally required to serve papers in the correct manner laid out by Texas.

Our professional Texas Process Servers can serve your documents across the region of North Texas.

  • We personalize & customize every request
  • Subpoena, summons, complaints, citations
  • Divorce, support, custody, notices, motion, petition, orders


Q: What is a process server?
Process servers are needed in an assortment of tasks such as filing court papers, serving legal documents, and document retrieval.

Q: Why is a process server necessary?
Service of process is necessary for many reasons, but the primary reason is to make sure that the due process of law is upheld in the United States.

Q: Do you offer notary service?
Yes. We can have a Notary Professional sent out to your home or business location for notarization of your document(s), or on site at our office.

Q: Do you process serve in other states?
We only serve in Texas.