Skip Tracing and Cyber-Tracking

Skip Tracing & Cyber-Tracking

Skip-Tracing/cyber tracking is a unique process of developing and gathering information for locating persons who can’t be found. We have the necessary tools to conduct cyber-tracking, and experienced skip tracers.

Basically, there are 3 types of skips:

  1. The Out of Pocket Skip – difficult to locate, but not intentionally hiding
  2. The Intentional Skip – go to any length to hide
  3. The Fraud Account Skip – no intention of paying debt

The Carin Group, LLC has a National Certification in Skip-tracing/cyber tracking and understands the frustration and stress involved in not knowing where these people may be located. Let us help you locate the missing person in your life.


Q: Why do people go missing?
Whether it’s a relative, close friend, past love, runaway child, a debtor, or a witness, there are many various reasons people go missing.

Q: What is a “Skip”?
A Skip is defined as any person who cannot be contacted via telephone, mail, email, text, or in person.